Closing Gifts

A-Squared Gifts
Amy Fritz
Amy has several closing gift basket options- $50 each- First Time Homeowners Gift Baking Basket MN Winter Basket Cleaning Basket Pet Lover's Basket Cooking Basket Or decorative wood signs & cutting boards available with various pricing.



Your Home Buyers would receive: Designer advice to help pick paint colors for their home A Design Board showing how any color would look in their home BEFORE its painted 15% off Benjamin Moore paint



Custom Gift Baskets made with organic EVOO and Turkish cotton textiles... Showroom & Warehouse - 7393 Bush Lake Road, Edina 952-658-6058 50th & France location - 4946 France Ave. S, Edina 952-479-7015


Custom wood signs.


Terebelo Boutique Distillery
David Franken



R Purpose Designs
Michael and Candis Ritzer